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What Practitioners Say About Colostrum

Carl Hawkins, D.C.

Colostrum falls into a special category of natural remedy because it is so broad-spectrum. Because of this, people sometimes make the mistake of regarding it as a panacea.”

I've found that colostrum helps with problems that have not or cannot be addressed by any other methods. And the beauty of it is that patients can try it without any fear of negative effects. Because it is such a benign natural substance, there are no problems with possible side effects.”

I use colostrum for problem patients who have been unable to get results with other doctors and courses of treatment. It has proven very effective in conditions of weakened immunity or auto-immune conditions such as Epstein-Barr. It’s also very helpful in helping clients with toxic conditions.”

Being board-certified in kinesiology, I use kinesiology testing extensively in my practice. When I test clients for colostrum, I find that it tests positive about 90% of the time, — more often than any other remedy I test.”

I’ve seen, however, that there is a difference in the quality and effectiveness of different brands of colostrum. I found that some brands don’t test as well as others, nor do they create as many positive results for patients. I think that’s important for people to realize.”

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