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What Practitioners Say About Colostrum

Pauqel Mason, Herbalist

The most common response I get from my clients is ‘I feel so good when I take it’. I had a woman come in suffering badly from allergies. She was sneezing constantly, her eyes were red and watering and her nose was running. I gave her three capsules of colostrum and within a very short time, all her symptoms had disappeared. She was amazed and so was I. Since then I’ve used it extensively for allergies. Many of my clients find that after 6-8 months on colostrum they are completely clear of all the allergies they had previously.”

I've also seen excellent results with Fibromyalgia, which is notoriously difficult to treat. Sufferers report reduced pain, better sleep patterns and enhanced energy after taking the supplement.”

Another ‘incurable’ disease, Multiple Sclerosis, seems to be positively affected by colostrum. One client was prescribed conventional pharmaceutical medications by a doctor. She refused to take them and tried colostrum instead. When she paid a return visit to her doctor, he was amazed at the improvement in her condition.”

I take colostrum myself when I am under immune system stress — I find it wards off a cold almost instantly. And I like the fact that it’s a safe, natural supplement without side-effects — that means I can feel quite confident about giving it to children as well.”

I discovered, however, that it really does matter what brand of colostrum you take. Since I had heard quite a bit about it, I had tried several different brands and none of them worked — until I found the brand I am using now.”

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