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The Mighty PRPs

PRPs (Proline-Rich Polypeptides) are short strings of amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins. PRPs in colostrum act as signaling molecules between various cells to modulate the activity of the immune system. Various types of PRPs are capable of two significant effects on the immune system. First, PRPs can stimulate (rev-up) an underactive immune system, such as when you need to fight off an infection. Second, PRPs can down regulate (tone-down) an overactive immune system, such as when there is too much inflammation.

The two primary and most important types of PRPs are PRP-2s (anti-microbial activity) and PRP-3s (anti-inflammatory activity). PRP-2s increase the immune system’s activity when it’s necessary to fight off an infection. PRP-3s quell the immune system’s activity to prevent tissue damage once the infection has been defeated.

That's the simplified explanation about PRPs. Click below for a detailed discussion of their function and importance to human health.

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