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Obtaining Quality Colostrum

The effectiveness of colostrum depends on its quality, how it is sourced, and how it has been processed.

CNR and Sovereign Health Initiative have identified key areas for evaluating colostrum products.

• Colostrum must be sourced from veterinarian certified healthy, BSE (mad cow) rBST (synthetic hormone), and antibiotic free Grade A, pasture fed, pesticide free dairy cows, preferably from the sunny South Western US where cows give birth year round so that your colostrum is as fresh as possible.

• Colostrum should only be taken from the first milking (within 16 hours) after birth.

• It should then be tested to insure that all of colostrum’s components such as Immunoglobulins, Lactoferrin, PRPs and growth factors are present in high quantity and that they are bioactive to insure its effectiveness.

• It should be flash pasteurized to insure it meets FDA and USDA regulations and to destroy any possible contaminating bacteria that might be present. Colostrum should then be processed in low indirect steam drying to insure its components are not denatured (destroyed).

• The colostrum should then be tested again (after processing) by HPLC and Quadropole Mass spectrometer to insure that all of colostrum’s components are intact and bioactive, and have not been denatured by the drying and pasteurization processes.

• Colostrum needs to be standardized to minimum component contents so that when you purchase colostrum you can be assured that its components are present and biologically available.

• Colostrum should come from manufacturers that are cGMP certified and have FDA inspections and operate under USDA license to produce dairy food for human consumption. Additionally, it should be manufactured in a plant designed specifically to produce bovine colostrum for human consumption.

• We also prefer colostrum to be Kosher and Halal certified.

• Lastly and most important: Colostrum should have the added benefit of a Liposomal Enhanced Delivery (LD) system to ensure colostrum will by pass digestion and be bioavailable for uptake and distribution to body organs and cellular nutrition. And, that the colostrum is soluble for free dispersion throughout the GI tract and disperses into solution readily, such as water, formula, and sports nutrition drinks.

Liposomal Delivery makes colostrum (and other nutrients) up to 1,500 % more bioavailable.

-- Robert R. Milne ,M.D.


Look for these seals of quality on manufacturers’ web sites and products:

Quality Seals

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