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David Rostollan, ND

Here's an email to Douglas Wyatt from Dr. David Rostollan with whom he consulted on a difficult pregnancy. We're so happy that baby and mom are doing well.


This is Dr. David Rostollan, and I talked to you back in February (2015) about a challenging case in my practice, and you had said you would be interested in hearing how things went. If you recall, we had talked about this woman who was carrying a baby with neonatal lupus. The baby had third-degree atrioventricular heart block, a very serious cardiac condition in which there is full disassociation between the atrial and ventricular nodes due to lack of electrical conduction in the atrioventricular node. It's a serious case that requires a pacemaker in the baby shortly after birth.

This condition is caused by lupus antibodies in the mother that affect the baby. The interesting thing about this case is that the mother did not actually have clinical lupus. She had very high antibody levels, but no clinical disease, per se. Because of this, the conventional doctors did not consider the mother to actually be in a state of autoimmunity, and they did not treat her as being autoimmune.

My approach is a bit different. I considered her to be autoimmune even if she was not yet showing symptoms, so I dealt with her as I deal with any of my autoimmune clients. She went on a customized autoimmune diet and I put her on a cautious supplement regimen. This eventually included the colostrum products from you, as per your recommendation. 1 tsp 2x/day of the colostrum powder, and 3 sprays 3-4x per day of the PRP spray. I increased the colostrum to 3x/day at a key moment in the third trimester when antibody transfer from mother to baby was the highest.

The outcome has been amazing. While the heart block is irreversible, the health of mother and baby has been literally unprecedented. That is not an exaggeration. The doctors had to literally rewrite the playbook, because no one has ever carried a baby with this condition so long and in such good health. Apparently she has broken all records, as no one in the entire nation has done so well with this condition. The baby was recently born, and is doing marvelously. Outside of the heart block issue, all vitals have been perfect, and he was so healthy that they put in the pacemaker the very next day instead of waiting a week like originally planned.

Also, she has three other children, and this baby was her biggest so far! So there's the update.

I know that the colostrum played a big role. Within a few days of getting on it, the mother said she felt strength and energy that she had not felt in a long time. She seemed to glow throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

Thanks again for your help. I know you'll find this interesting!

David Rostollan, ND .

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