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Nikki Marie Welch, MD, MD(H)

Nikki Marie WelchSedona doctor Nikki Marie Welch, MD, MD(H), uses colostrum in her practice to treat a variety of conditions, including lowered immune function, chronic infections, auto-immune diseases, colds, flu and allergies. Dr. Welch, who graduated from Duke University and Johns Hopkins University and did post-graduate work at Yale, is Board-certified in Internal Medicine. “I use a lot of cutting-edge nutritional supplements in my practice — it’s part of my commitment to ‘build wellness from within’ that is my basic mission.”

I prescribe colostrum to about one third of my patients. The anecdotal evidence shows that patients are thriving after taking the supplement — that their conditions usually improve substantially. And if we can help the patient get better without standard drugs, we do it. I think the new cutting-edge nutritional biochemistry is very exciting — and that includes colostrum.”

The factors found in colostrum work together naturally to enhance the immune system, whereas single isolated components, such as interferon, are far more likely to have unwanted side effects, and are, at this time, extremely experimental in nature,” she continued. “When I discovered colostrum, I confirmed that it had been extensively studied by highly reputable doctors, scientists and organizations. This led me to feel a lot more comfortable about it than a lot of other untested remedies.”

Dr. Welch added, “I have learned that colostrum varies in quality depending on the source, and that it is important to source colostrum that has been processed correctly so that it retains its biological potency.”

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