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Colostrum Proves to be Powerful Healing Agent when Applied Externally


Injured Worker Heals with ColostrumBarry M., a carpenter, was framing a new building when he shot a nail through three knuckles of his hand with a high-power nail gun. The pain was excruciating. He had to have two of his co-workers help him pull the nail out, it was so firmly embedded in his hand.

Barry had already been taking colostrum internally. After getting a tetanus shot, he applied colostrum to his wound, imagining he would be out of work for at least a week. When he woke up the following morning, the swelling had subsided completely, there was no more pain and all he had to remind himself of the injury was a little stiffness in his fingers. The following morning he was back at work on the building.

Another man spoke of applying colostrum to his knee replacement surgery site (in addition to taking it internally) and amazing his friends by going out dancing two weeks after the operation!

Clinical research bears out these individual stories. A study by doctors Bhora, et al, reported in the Journal Of Surgical Residency, found that the growth factors that are present in colostrum could play an important part in promoting wound healing.

Another study by Dr. Sporn, et al, reported in Science stated that "...growth factors in bovine colostrum were found to be very effective in promoting wound healing. Implications for trauma and surgical healing with external and internal applications were recommended."

Both studies and anecdotal experience have shown that colostrum is most effective at promoting healing of injuries when it is both taken internally and applied topically to the affected area. And this doesn’t only apply to injuries. A friend of mine has been suffering from adult acne and has found a dramatic improvement since using colostrum in this way.

For topical application, mix the colostrum powder into a thick paste, using a little sterile water or a mild saline solution. Apply directly to the affected area. A bandage or plaster can also be used to keep the colostrum paste in place. One company has recently developed a colostrum-based antibacterial, healing and analgesic spray.

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