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Kaye Wyatt's HealingKaye Wyatt is the co-author, with Dr. Daniel G. Clark, M.D., of the informative new book about colostrum entitled, “Colostrum,The Ultimate Anti-Aging, Weight Loss and Immune Supplement”. Kaye lives with her husband, Doug and their Shih-tzu, “Chewy”. Her greatest satisfaction in life comes from her family, her children and her grandchildren. A retired teacher, she has since been working as a corporate marketing executive. She had never envisioned herself as a writer but has written about colostrum because she is committed to letting others know about its benefits.

To gather material for an article about Kaye, I scheduled an interview with her at her home in Sedona, Arizona. I have to say that I had a preconceived mental image in my mind of the person I was about to meet based on her personal story and the knowledge that her oldest granddaughter had just turned sixteen. As I drove up, I found a young woman in the front yard with what I thought were her children. I was quite taken aback when this “young woman” came over to my car and introduced herself as Kaye Wyatt ...and then introduced me to her granddaughters Kelsey and Kali! I thought it was impossible that this was the woman who two years before was told by her doctor that there was nothing more they could do to keep her alive.

Kaye’s long history of illness began in her first month of life. She was having difficulty breathing and the treatment for her condition, at that time, was to irradiate the thymus gland. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that the thymus gland is the master control gland of the immune system. The result was that this procedure virtually destroyed her immune system and her life from that point forward became a constant battle with asthma, allergies and life-threatening infections.

When she started talking about the experiences she had before she found colostrum, I realized that nobody could tell Kaye’s story better than she could — so here it is in her own words. With her approval, I have only made minor editing changes.

I can’t remember, even in my earliest memories, a time when I wasn’t sick. I am thankful for the antibiotics and other medications that kept me alive, despite the toll they took on my body.”

The ten years of my life before we found colostrum were probably the roughest because antibiotics were no longer working. My husband and I explored everything that might help me but the search proved to be disappointing and very expensive. I was constantly fighting some infection or other. Even though my intentions every morning were to accomplish something that day, my resolve would quickly fade as my fever climbed and I would collapse back into bed. I was so weak that something as simple as doing the breakfast dishes was a major accomplishment.”

It's amazing to me how much the health of the immune system affects the entire body and also, how much it is reflected in one’s physical appearance. I refused to let anyone take my picture during those years. Every time I washed my hair, I had to stop halfway through to scoop up a large handful of hair that was blocking the drain. The hair I did have had broken off to about an inch in length on the top and sides. The entire lower part of my face was always covered with fever blisters. At any given time, I could find maybe just one spot in my mouth where I could chew without pain. Major dental work, which I had more than my share, caused the roots near the trauma to calcify. This most often led to infection and eventual root canal surgery that could only be done through the gums. The cost for my dental work for the ten years prior to finding colostrum exceeded $30,000."

As I was unable to do any physical activity, I’d gained weight and my muscles had atrophied and been replaced by fat, cellulite and vericose veins. My grandchildrens’ comments spoke the unhappy truth. ‘Grandma, what’s all that fat stuff hanging over your knees?’ Their eyes would always scan my arms and hands which were covered with age spots, rashes and raised veins from poor circulation. They would look at my toenails which the doctor wanted to remove because they were badly deformed from a fungal infection. One of my youngest granddaughters had tears in her eyes as she said, ‘Oh Grandma, you have too many boo-boos’. And these were just the things that were visible. The things that couldn’t be seen were my high blood pressure and increasing irregular heart palpitations, reactive hypoglycemic symptoms (even though my diet was closely monitored), serious digestive problems, headaches, sinus congestion, dizziness and buzzing in the ears, muscle soreness and joint pain that kept me awake at night, mental confusion, panic attacks, constant fatigue, crying spells and severe, and sometimes, almost unbearable depression.”

Despite all of this, I’ve always been a fighter and I never really gave up hope until about a month after I came down with Legionnaire’s Disease. I don’t remember ever being that sick. The doctors flooded my body with all the newest super-antibiotics. I believed that they’d cured the disease but the doctors weren’t so confident and they told me that if I started getting sick again, there was nothing more that they could do. Well ... I was getting sick again. I had to tell my husband, the man who had chosen to walk this difficult path with me for all these years and who loved me so much, he was always there cheering me on, that things didn’t look very good. When I told him that there wasn’t anyone or anything that could help me at this point, he reminded me that somebody could.”

A couple of days later my husband, Doug, met with a business associate for lunch. This colleague had brought a friend, a naturopathic doctor from Belgium, with him. Doug and I have never bothered other people with my health problems but at this point he felt he had to talk with someone. The doctor was suggesting all kinds of possibilities that might help me but Doug told him that we’d already tried them ... with very little success. Then this doctor asked him if we’d used colostrum. He had worked with processing colostrum for over ten years and explained in detail how colostrum needs to be processed in order to be biologically active. He told Doug that most of the commercial colostrum products on the shelf in this country are biologically inactive and just don’t work. Doug purchased a small jar of this doctor’s special colostrum for $160. I couldn’t believe that Doug had fallen for this supposed ‘miracle cure’ and I refused to take it.”

I guess ‘somebody up there’ wasn’t going to let me off that easy. A couple of days later, I had a bad fall and with my circulatory system so weakened, I hemorrhaged through my kneecap until my knee was the size of a grapefruit. The doctors said I should stay off my feet and elevate the leg for several weeks in order for it to heal. I was so sick that night with my infection and high fever, along with the intense pain from my injury, that I told Doug I would take his ‘stupid colostrum’. I firmly believed that it would be a disappointment like everything else I’d tried. I think the real reason I took it was that I wanted Doug to accept the reality that there would be no miracle cure for me. I desperately needed his help now, not to help me live but to help me die.”

Kaye WyattThe next morning, to my disbelief, I found that my knee had healed overnight — leaving only a tiny bruise at the side of my kneecap. And, a couple of days later, with the boost to my immune system that the colostrum was giving me, I was also finally able to fight off the infection.”

Several weeks after I started taking the colostrum, I experienced some digestive problems and flu-like symptoms, complete with aches over my entire body. This really confused me at the time but I now understand that what I went through, Dr. Bernard Jensen calls a ‘welcome healing crisis’. This usually lasts just a couple of days and is the result of the body ridding itself of toxins. I’ve been taking this specially processed colostrum for a little over two years now and although I thought I understood the possible healing benefits, the results far exceeded my expectations.”

I've now gone so long without being sick (not even a sniffle!) that I never think about sickness — so much so that it shocks me for a second when I hear someone coughing or sneezing. I can hardly believe that I’ve gone for more than two years without my allergy shots or inhalants for asthma. My cholesterol and blood pressure are better than perfect. My daughter, who is a physical trainer, recently checked my body fat. She explained that an 18 to 27% body fat percentage is the ideal for someone in their twenties. My body fat was 24 %! Probably where my overall health is most evident is in my strong fingernails and my hair, which is finally long and healthy — and all one length.”

I've also experienced a wonderful elevation of my mood and am enjoying a much more positive attitude toward life. As I understand it, colostrum keeps the blood sugar levels regulated throughout the day — which helps enhance both mental clarity and energy levels. It also helps balance production of the ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter chemicals. This is probably the biggest reason why most people who have tried colostrum, myself included, never want to be without it.”

I'd read in the research papers that colostrum heals at the cellular level, including the nervous system. This helped me understand my own personal experience of this. Almost twenty years ago, I had a water-skiing accident, in which a ski penetrated my left temple. I was in the hospital for over a month and was told that I had irreversible nerve damage which affected my vision and speech. My eyes focused at different levels, making it almost impossible to read or work at the computer and I couldn’t speak without stuttering. Apparently, however, the word ‘irreversible’ doesn’t mean much when you’re taking colostrum. I no longer have any problems with my vision or speech. I have even taken the step of speaking about colostrum in front of groups of people — something that would have been unthinkable two years ago.”

Over the last two years, in talking to hundreds of people about colostrum, I’ve become aware of several things about this amazing superfood. Each person is unique with regard to the amount of colostrum they need. Sometimes they’ve found that by simply increasing their daily dose with a few more capsules, it has made a huge difference. Some people have complained about symptoms they initially thought were from the colostrum but later discovered that the side effects were from other medications or herbal remedies they were taking along with the colostrum. The research shows that colostrum helps heal the digestive system so that everything we digest, including any medications or herbals, is utilized better. The only problem I see with colostrum is that it sounds too good to be true. I initially refused to believe all the wonderful things Doug told me about it — it scares me to think how close I came to not using it!

I sometimes wonder about how and why colostrum came to me. I am probably one of the world’s biggest skeptics — I have to prove everything to myself — not just once but with every test imaginable. I think that the ‘someone upstairs’ knew that if colostrum passed all my stringent tests, I would shout about it loud enough to be heard around the world!

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