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Colostrum Helps Create Law Guaranteeing Availability of Natural Remedies: A Congressman's Experience


Chewy Heals with ColostrumFormer Iowa Congressman, Berkley Bedell, had Lyme disease. None of the conventional treatments had much success. He was suffering from extreme disease-related fatigue and literally couldn’t move. Needless to say, it was virtually impossible for him to fulfill his obligations as a member of Congress. In desperation, he started inquiring about alternative treatments for his condition.

Congressman Bedell heard about a farmer who was gathering colostrum from his cows and using it to help people heal all kinds of ailments. He bought a colostrum-producing cow from the farmer, used the colostrum and within 48 hours had achieved a miraculous full recovery from the disease.

This farmer was arrested for practicing medicine without a license!

As a result of this experience, the congressman realized there was something wrong with the laws in this country. It just didn’t seem right that someone could be punished for supplying a safe, natural substance that truly promotes healing. He joined forces with Senator Orrin Hatch, from Utah, whose family members had also experienced some very positive results from natural, “alternative”, non-prescription remedies. Together they drafted the “Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act”, which eventually passed Congress and was signed into law by President Clinton as Public Law PL 103-417.

The law basically takes the close regulation of dietary supplements away from the FDA and places the burden of proof on the agency, in terms of proving that a substance is unsafe.

So we can all thank a congressman’s experience with colostrum for the fact that natural dietary supplements and herbal remedies are readily available without a prescription. Before this law came into effect, the FDA was considering placing much more stringent regulations on these remedies, even going as far as to require that many of them could be sold by prescription only.

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