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Has She Found the Fountain of Youth?

Remarkable Anti-Aging Effects of Colostrum Due to Growth Hormones.

Anti-Aging Effects of Colostrum
These hormones are necessary for the reproduction of virtually all of our body’s cellular tissue. It has been shown that by age 80, we are producing virtually no growth hormone and so, from this point on, we rapidly age and die. Colostrum’s growth factors are the actual hormones that stimulate the normal reproduction of cellular tissue. Normal reproduction means just that — not aged, cancerous, wrinkled or weakened.

Some years ago, The New England Journal of Medicine stated that the most effective anti-aging remedy would be simply the replacement of growth hormones at proper levels to slow, possibly stop or even reverse the aging processes.

Extensive research has shown that the growth factors in colostrum have an anti-aging effect. Colostrum is unique because it is the only substance that offers the anti-aging hormones in perfect combination the way nature intended (never isolated) and it works naturally to both replace the body’s own growth factors and stimulate the endocrine system to keep producing these vital — and revitalizing hormones.

One woman’s story is perfect to illustrate colostrum’s almost miraculous rejuvenateing powers. Gail G. has made sixty look great! Most people who meet her for the first time think she’s twenty — or even thirty — years younger than she is. She’s a beautiful and vivacious woman who is the owner of a successful jeep touring business in Page, Arizona. Many photographers have noticed her beauty.

Pictures and postcards of Gail, usually against a backdrop of the desert surrounding Lake Powell, have been distributed all over the world. Her daughter Lori says, “Everywhere I go, I see pictures of my mother. I was in the bank the other day and there she was... framed on the wall. My children now treat ‘Grandma-spotting’ as a game — every time we go shopping, they run up yelling, ‘we found another picture of Grandma’.”

Twenty years ago, medical tests showed that every cell in Gail’s body, including even those in her brain and eyes, was inflamed from years of immune and auto-immune disease. Every year she got progressively worse. Her health history reads like the index from a medical textbook...Spinal Meningitis, Hypo-Thyroid, Raynard’s Disease, Systemic Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome leading to Fibro-Myalgia, Hypoglycemia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis, Gouty Arthritis, Osteoporosis, two ruptured discs, Rotart Scoliosis, Prolapsed Colon, Diverticulosis, Colitis, Candida, bladder infections, skin cancers and never-ending pain. Tests also showed an extensive population of parasites in her blood, brain and colon.

Gail has never pursued any course in life that she felt would compromise her health. She’s always been an advocate for exercising, eating healthy food and drinking lots of purified water. She feels that the only reason she has made it this far is because she surrounded herself with natural healing methods and whenever possible, avoided drugs and pain killers. Gail warns us about the importance of thoroughly investigating the claims made for any new product or procedure. Over the years, she found that many of the substances and therapies she tried not only drained her financially but also made her condition worse.

She admits to trying some new ideas which turned out to be quite humorous. Once she convinced her husband Norm that it would help her if they rearranged the bedroom so that her head faced north when she slept. Norm went along with this although he was a little upset when she told him that they had to raise the foot of the bed a couple of get more blood to her brain. Norm must be a good sport because he went along with this for over a year. Another time, she purchased an expensive electro-magnetic mask to be worn through the night to prevent wrinkles. This didn’t work out either. She woke up in the middle of the night in a state of panic — from claustrophobia.

Even though Gail experienced so many disappointments, she said she always knew that something special was going to come along that would make her better. She knew it would be a natural healing substance but she was sure it wouldn’t be an herb or vitamin-mineral supplement. Years ago she tried a brand of colostrum that she found in a health food store. She remembers thinking “this is it”, but it didn’t work. Then, one day, Gail heard about Kaye Wyatt and Dr. Clark’s book on colostrum. She read the book from cover to cover and realized that colostrum doesn’t work unless it’s been processed correctly. She finally found a brand of colostrum that met the criteria she had learned about and a within a short time, knew that this was what she’d been searching for all her life.

Within a couple of days her bowels were working perfectly. After thirty years of relying on laxatives, she was finally free of them. She canceled an appointment with a dermatologist because her skin cancer had simply disappeared. She told us how everyone comments on how wonderful she looks — and they remark especially about her wonderful skin.

She always dreamed of having the dynamic energy she remembered having as a teenager. Colostrum has made this a reality. She reports that she is free from pain, has a tremendous amount of energy and is in perfect, vibrant health. We believe her. We’ve heard stories about how she’s always doing handsprings and cartwheels in the desert sand. She feels colostrum has worked wonders in her life and says she will never be without it.

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