The Colostrum Experience

What Patients Say About Colostrum -- Part 2

One of the things that got me so excited about colostrum was hearing and reading about the amazing results that people had gotten with this totally natural product. I’ve collected some of these that deal with different ailments, so that you can read them too. All of these testimonials are completely unsolicited and their content has not been changed. I have done some minor editing to correct grammar and spelling only. People of all ages and from all walks of life have regained their health and changed their lives by taking colostrum.
-- Doug Wyatt

Asthma & Allergies


“I have congestive heart failure and asthma. Before taking colostrum, I had difficulty working two hours a day at a slow pace and had to go up the two flights of stairs in my home very slowly. Now I work all day and go up my stairs at a brisk pace. I feel great!“ — Delbert C., Hurricane, Utah 

“I haven’t felt this great in twenty years!” Twenty years was more than half the lifetime of thirty-six-year-old Debi of Kentucky, who had suffered from asthma, allergies, and skin disorders since the age of sixteen. She had nothing but more of the same to look forward to until she tried colostrum. With the words “I admit I was skeptical. But now…” she found relief not only for her asthma and allergies but also for the disturbing and unsightly skin eruptions and broken veins that plagued her over the years. An added bonus has been the disappearance of the daily fatigue that had accompanied her respiratory problems since adolescence.

Kirby reports that he had “immediate relief from allergies” after taking bovine colostrum. Before he took colostrum, he needed to take allergy shots daily so he could work his farm. “With colostrum, I no longer need shots and I’m free from suffering for the first time in my life.”

Seventy-one year old Bernadette, a retired registered nurse of Georgia, feared the seasons of spring, summer and autumn due to allergies and sinus infections that left her feeling miserable. Medications prescribed by her general doctor and allergist only gave her partial relief, along with tremendous side effects: dry eyes, dry mouth, nose bleeding, itchy skin, and drowsiness. “I could not believe the almost immediate relief I got from colostrum, with none of the side effects.” Even though she is not easily convinced by the hype of supplements, she now recommends colostrum to previous patients, friends and family because “it (colostrum) has made such a great difference in my overall health and well-being and it has given me great benefits.”

Charles, a seventy-two-year-old from Texas, has had asthma and severe allergies for the past ten years. After two months of taking colostrum, he notes that “my allergies cleared up almost immediately. The only time I use my asthma medication is before exercise. This is a reduction of 90 percent.”

“I’ve been taking medication for allergies for about eight years now with very little success.My husband and I have been taking colostrum for just three weeks now and neither of us need allergy medication now - colostrum works! I seriously cut my heel and was advised by the EMT to have stitches. I declined and applied colostrum to the wound three different times. The cut closed and I was not in pain.“ — Don and Mary T., Independence, Kansas 

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from real bad allergies. After two days of taking colostrum, my allergies were gone. I stopped taking it and they were back. I will always remember to take colostrum.“ —  Jerame (age 16), Washington, Utah 

Trisha of Arizona defeated soft palette cancer after eight weeks of radiation treatment; however, it aged the skin of her face and neck twenty years. A ‘feather lift’ procedure, which was recommended by her plastic surgeon, was unsuccessful on the irradiated skin. “I tried every product out there and nothing helped” she said. It was at this time of great despair that she tried a new repair cream containing colostrum. “It worked like magic…my sagging jowls have been replaced with a firm jaw line and my neck is smooth and no longer looks like crepe paper.”

Bill of New York expected to remain lean and toned in his retirement since he was frequently playing the golf courses. This did not happen. “Then I started taking colostrum.” Four weeks after starting the colostrum he reported “a miracle had happened; I had muscles at 70! Taking colostrum powder before my golf games had burned fat into muscles… Colostrum energy is remarkable at my senior age.”

Bernard of Utah has suffered with severe Candida for 13 years. Despite his efforts to remove the Candida from his system with various products, “they never solved my problems. The colostrum has made it possible for me to digest my food and has alleviated the constant pain in my abdomen.”

Gerhard of Hawaii contracted Candida Parapsilosis many years ago during a hospital stay. Despite the many treatments he received over the years with prescription medications, the intestinal fungal infection always returned. Now, with a daily regimen of a broad spectrum colostrum and a specific colostrum supplement, he has not only rid himself of the Candida but he also says “ I gained about 10 pounds of lean body mass, have more energy than ever, have been free of colds and flu infections, and can enjoy my favorite sports of wind surfing and intense weight training.”

Sinuses and Coughing
“I have suffered for five years with sinus problems that have kept me awake at night. I found immediate improvement with colostrum. It cleared up my sinuses. I sleep better, wake more rested and I have more energy.” — John C. Florence, South Carolina

“After taking colostrum for only two days, the dry, hacking cough that I had had for three months, disappeared. I had been taking herbal remedies and a prescription cough syrup that did nothing to help. I was prepared to have a chest x-ray to determine the cause. Taking colostrum has changed my life and given me and my son an overall sense of well-being. I will never quit taking it!“ — Nanita F., Sedona, Arizona

“Colostrum has made me feel better and sleep better. Specifically, it has helped with bursitis in my shoulders. I am now able to do physical work like house painting and no after pain.”— Bryan S., Milwaukie, Oregon

Auto-Immune Disorder
“I am very interested in colostrum’s potential usefulness with auto-immune disorders. I am giving it to my wife who suffers from Crohn’s disease. She has been in remission for some time but has noticed even further improvement with colostrum. She will continue to use it. I will recommend it to appropriate patients.”— Raymond M., MD, Ivans, Utah

“I cannot say enough good things about this miraculous food,” says Bonnie of Utah. For seven years she had suffered from Multiple Sclerosis, experiencing vision problems, muscle weakness, fatigue, dizziness, and burning sensations in her feet. After taking three teaspoons of colostrum powder a day for several months, all of her symptoms disappeared. “I am able to walk without a limp and climb stairs without the aid of a railing,” she says. “I feel like I have truly found a miracle in my life.”

Lisa in Pennsylvania began taking colostrum for her Multiple Sclerosis and noticed that she felt stronger and had less fatigue. Then she increased her dose and, she reports, “After one month, 95 percent of my symptoms are gone.”

Corinne of Canada has suffered with rheumatoid arthritis since she was eighteen-years-old. After one month of taking colostrum she noticed “the pain in my shoulder disappeared and my mood had brightened.” Her recent blood test revealed great results, which she attributes to the colostrum. “The colostrum is the cause for the great blood test and my enhanced quality of life.” She has even given colostrum to a friend with fibromyalgia who has found that her “aches have diminished and her mood is brighter and more positive.”

Angela of Louisiana suffered many years with endometriosis and fibromyalgia. After four surgeries for the endometriosis, and up to 90 pain pills a week along with multiple antidepressants to handle the pain and frustration of the fibromyalgia, she conceded to her mother’s request to give colostrum a try. She began with 10 capsules per day for the first 6 months and then reduced it to 5 capsules per day. “It has been two years, and even though I still experience some pain, the days I used to spend in bed are spent chasing my 18-month old baby girl that the doctors said I would never have. I don’t know why it (colostrum) works; I only know that my quality of life has increased 100 percent.”

Dr. Robert Y., MD, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by five doctors at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, where he was sent home with prescriptions that cost nearly $1,000 a month – and not much hope. He said his most serious symptoms were “muscle aches, fatigue, a decline in mental alertness connected with his inability to sleep at night, and severe depression.” He tried colostrum, and after taking it for about one month, he said “people in my community would stop me on the street and ask what I was taking because I looked so much better.” He was able to stop taking all of his prescription medications, which were causing many side effects such as headache, stomach pain and fatigue. He feels that “colostrum helps the body to do what it needs to do to heal.” Four months after he started taking colostrum, he felt his improvement had been 100%.

Starr of Georgia suffered severe pain and weakness in her joints, along with excessive fatigue. After seeing 14 doctors, she was finally diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Conventional drugs to alleviate the pain left her feeling drugged to the point of sleeping all day. Within three days of starting colostrum, her husband Dave said, “I could see a noticeable difference in her pain and her energy.” She continued to improve on the colostrum and was able to come off all other medications. At one point she quit taking the colostrum and “within two days she was going backwards again,” reported Dave. Now that she is back on the colostrum regularly, Dave added, “Today she is back working and doing things that were impossible and she has not been sick a single day since she began taking colostrum!”

“I haven’t been able to eat solid foods for three years now because of advanced Scleroderma,” says Sydney of California. In only one week of taking colostrum, she comments “I was able to sit down with my family and eat real food. My sons told me that it was so wonderful to watch their mother eat a hamburger. I can’t say enough about what colostrum has done for me.”

High Cholesterol
“I have been troubled with high cholesterol for some time and was unable to handle medication for it. I heard about colostrum and decided to try it. After taking it for a while, my cholesterol level dropped from 319 to 226. My doctor was very pleased and told me to continue taking it. Needless to say I am very pleased.”— Kay M., Salt Lake City, Utah

Colds and Flu
“I take colostrum myself when I am under immune system stress — I find it wards off a cold almost instantly. And I like the fact that it’s a safe, natural supplement without side-effects — that means I can feel quite confident about giving it to children, as well.”— Pauqel Mason, Herbalist, Sedona, Arizona

“I first noticed a tingling in my left calf muscle and some discomfort when I stooped down. I went to the doctor in February, 1995. In the months that followed, my leg got worse with loss of hair, discoloration, increased thickening of the skin , a decreased range of motion and increasingly severe pain when I stooped down. The skin on my calf became so hard it seemed to be petrified. In September, after seeing many specialists and undergoing a lot of tests, I was diagnosed with Linear Scleroderma. I was no longer able to work as a firefighter. Along with physical therapy, medications taken internally and applied topically (steroid cream), I had to take Tylenol #3 for the pain. I applied Vaseline to my leg and wrapped it with gauze to prevent infection. I would get large blisters on my leg which would break open and get infected. A biopsy was done and it was determined I had patches of bullious scleroderma. The blisters would take months to heal.

In March of 1996, I was introduced to colostrum. I was very skeptical about it and did not take it until mid May, 1996. After three days of taking it, I noticed itching in my leg. On the tenth day, the pain in my leg was gone, and I noticed that a patch of morphea on my abdomen was gone — with only some slight discoloration left. After six weeks, my doctor was astonished at the improvements, and began weaning me off Prednisone and Cuprimine. At that time I increased the colostrum from six capsules a day to eight. I am continually seeing improvement — the thick skin has thinned out and become more pliable, requiring only an over-the-counter lotion. I believe the colostrum is reversing the damage to my leg and that without it, I would still be having serious problems. Colostrum may or may not be the cure for scleroderma but it sure makes it easier to live with. I am back working as a firefighter.”— George L., Butler, Pa.

Kay had a high cholesterol level, but was unable to handle conventional medications. Then she heard about colostrum. “After taking it for a while, my cholesterol level dropped from 319 to 226. My doctor was very pleased and told me to continue taking it.”

“My blood pressure has dropped from 145/85 to 120/70 and my pulse has gone from 83 to 70,” says Bill of Utah after two months of taking colostrum. He also states, “I have been able to come off my heart medication.”

Lori, a thirty-seven-year-old mother of two children, was diagnosed with Idiopathic Cardiomyopathy. Her doctor soberly told her she was destined for a heart transplant, since even simple chores left her exhausted and breathless. He gave her his approval to take colostrum, which she started immediately. When she returned for a follow-up appointment a few weeks later, her doctor said, “Really, I'm amazed, you look so much better than you did two weeks ago.” Lori may not be totally out of the woods; however, she says “I’m improving steadily and enjoying being a more involved mother. I also feel certain that the colostrum has helped me lose weight – which is literally what the Doctor ordered.”

Irregular Bowel
“I suffered constant bowel irregularity and diarrhea since my diverticulitis operation. With colostrum, I have normal bowel movements and I feel better than I have in years. Colostrum has made a new man out of me.”— Joseph T., Salt Lake City, Utah.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 
“Colostrum came into my life after fifteen years of fighting infections. I was in the late stages of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and going to Hematology and Oncology specialists for suspected lymphoma, severe anemia, low white BC counts and low gamma-globulin levels. I had to have blood transfusions for severe anemia and monthly gamma-globulin treatments. After one week of taking colostrum, I produced 1 1/2 units of blood. After one month, I produced another unit of blood at the same rate. I am now free of transfusions.”— Janet T., Phoenix, Arizona

Mysterious Lumps
“I was told by a friend about this miraculous new product called colostrum. It was so hard for me to believe that anything could do all those wonderful things for people. ‘Yeah, sure’, I thought. Now I have my own miracle story to share. At my annual check-up, my doctor found a lump, slightly larger than a BB pellet, in my left breast. I procrastinated about going in for a mammogram and biopsy because it involved making four long distance trips into the city. After only three weeks of taking colostrum, the lump was completely gone. For over a year, my hips have ached so bad at night that I could not lie on either side for more than five minutes. I can now sleep on my side all night. When I sat for any length of time, my body seemed to stiffen up and when I stood, it would take several steps to get the kinks out. Colostrum has enabled me to bounce right up and take off. I have more energy. After just five hours of sleep, I am able to get up and go.” I can now sit and read in the morning, which is wonderful because I have been almost blind in my left eye for most of my life. With age, the muscle in that eye has also weakened, resulting in a droopy lid. It was my husband and brother who first noticed the droop was gone. I will never be without colostrum - it has truly been a miracle for me!“— Rita B., St. George, Utah

Stomach Ulcers
“Eight months ago, I had my thyroid surgically removed. The doctors have been unable to stabilize my blood levels since the surgery. I’ve also had serious stomach and esophagus problems. I have been unable to swallow for the last seven months. With colostrum, my stomach ulcers have healed and I am able to swallow again. I am off all medications.”— Jan D., St. George, Utah

“I was looking at more surgery. I have silicon implants and the doctors were concerned about tumors under my arm and pain in my breasts. After taking colostrum, the tumors are gone and I no longer have pain. Colostrum is truly a miracle.”— Jan DeMille, St. George, Utah

Idiopathic Cardiomyopathy
“I am a 37 year old mother of two small children. After a summer of being extremely irritable and fatigued, I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Cardiomyopathy (heart disease of unknown origin). Although I feel I have had a wonderful cardiologist, who I honestly believe has had my best interests at heart, my health has gone downhill. I have experienced even greater fatigue, to the point where a simple household chore leaves me breathless and exhausted. My doctor ran some tests and very soberly told me I was destined, possibly soon, for a heart transplant. He gave me his approval for me to take colostrum which a friend had told me about a few days earlier. I took the colostrum along with the other medications my Doctor prescribed. I returned for my next appointment 2 weeks later. My mother came with me for support because my husband was out of town. My doctor turned to her and said, ‘Really, I’m amazed, she looks so much better than she did two weeks ago.’ He told me that I may not need a transplant after all. He told me I’m still not out of the woods. I still tire at times but I’m able to go for hours some days without any problem. I’m improving steadily and enjoying being a more involved mother. I also feel certain that the colostrum has helped me lose weight — which is literally what the Doctor ordered.”— Lori B., Ivans, Utah

“Last month I had a hysterectomy. With each day this last week, I became increasingly alarmed at the amount of blood I was losing. I realized that I was hemorrhaging and so I contacted my doctor, who advised me to go to the emergency room. My husband had brought home a bottle of colostrum and had me take two pills. In less than an hour the bleeding had stopped.”— Norma M., St. George, Utah

“I have had a long history of health problems - most significantly, severe arthritis, sinus and hayfever. I have learned that if it takes five years to get sick, it could take possibly five months to get well. The body will heal itself if we give it proper nutrition and support. Understanding this helped me after I began taking colostrum. My recovery was not immediate - I initially went through a lot of ups and downs — with plateaus in between. Now colostrum has made such a great difference in my overall health that I advise everyone to take colostrum. Be patient and colostrum’s health results will astound you and bring you joy and happiness.”— Jack Grover, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Be patient and colostrum’s health results will astound you and bring you joy and happiness.” With these words, Jack explains that colostrum saved him from “a long history of health problems, most significantly, severe arthritis, sinusitis and hay fever.” Relief did not come overnight for Jack. Indeed, everyone who takes colostrum heals at a different rate: some within hours or days; others weeks or months. Jack fell into the latter category. “I have learned that if it takes five years to get sick, it could take possibly five months to get well.” But his patience paid off. After going through a few ups and downs, Jack reports that “colostrum has made such a great difference in my overall health that I advise everyone to take it.”

Connie of Pennsylvania is very pleased with the effects that colostrum has had upon her overall health, and in particular upon her arthritis. “Within a few weeks, I reduced the amount of arthritis medications I took each day by half with no increase in pain and no decrease in my activity level.” She also experiences “less stiffness and pain in the morning upon wakening.”

Miss C.B., age 11, has suffered from severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since age one. Despite many pharmaceutical treatments, she showed no improvement in her swollen joints: knees, elbows, neck and back. Three weeks after Dr. Mezo placed her on colostrum, he reported “she had no more pain or swelling in her joints. She also no longer needed braces on her lower legs.” C.B. is continuing to take her colostrum as directed and has had no relapse.

Peggy was on narcotic medications to control the constant pain after four leg surgeries and complications with scoliosis. She began taking Sovereign Labs colostrum supplement, and she states “after the second day I could really tell a difference. I’ve been using it for ten months now and I’ve been pain free for several months!”

Bronchial Pneumonia
“We began using colostrum when my fourteen month old daughter’s bronchial pneumonia could not be cured with antibiotics. She was given two different antibiotics that did not work and when they gave her a third, she had an allergic reaction. We started giving her two colostrum capsules, twice a day. In three days, we saw a significant improvement and cut back to one capsule, twice daily. In just one week, her doctor’s office visit revealed clear lungs and her asthma medication was no longer needed. We understand her asthma weakens her immune system and since we’ve given her one capsule of colostrum each day, she hasn’t had any reoccurring problems.” — Julia W., Parkerburg, West Virginia

Rheumatoid Arthritis
“Beginning at age 18, with a hip replacement, up to age 37, I underwent 35 major surgeries due to rheumatoid arthritis and blood problems, including multiple bilateral, total joint replacements of hips, knees, elbows, wrists and toes. At age 43, I had to wear a brace for six months for cervical fractures in my neck. I then had to have my leg amputated above the knee due to disease, excessive bone cement from previous replacements and years of steroids. I developed the same problem with my left elbow. A 2 cm hole burst open above my elbow that continually drained a greenish pus. The MRI showed significant infection in the humorous. A culture was done and the bacteria was staph, strep and pseudomonas. Immediate surgery was suggested to remove necrotic tissue and bone. My sister introduced me to colostrum. I applied it topically and took it internally. After just one month, the infection is gone. The hole above my elbow has closed. I have no more pain, swelling or redness and the tissue surrounding the wound that was dimpled is filling in. Some other surprises - I will no longer need blood pressure medicine because my blood pressure is normal. Also, everyone is complimenting me on how vibrant and healthy I look. Colostrum has forever changed my life! I have been blessed! — Gwendolyn L., Fort Washington, Maryland

Athletic Performance
Tom Manno of Arizona is over 40-years-old, drug-free and “The Strongest Man in the World.” He is the current Multi-World Record holder with a Bench Press of 678 pounds (WPO, 2001)! Tom takes 20-30 grams per day of powdered colostrum and notices that it speeds up recovery. “It is just not taking my body very long to get back into an anabolic state after depleting it.” He adds, “I think everyone would benefit from its use… we all want more lean muscle mass and less body fat, not to mention the anti-aging properties that can make us look and feel young and energetic.”

Kim, a certified personal trainer, reports that she puts all of her exercise clients on colostrum. She believes it is “the ONLY natural health-promoting substance I have found that actually helps to decrease body fat while increasing strength and lean body mass. In addition to achieving their body composition goals more easily and quickly, my clients also report having more energy while taking colostrum. I have noticed that they are sick less often, too, as I rarely have anyone cancel an appointment due to illness.”

Natural bodybuilding is a challenge that not many people take on because of the intensity and demanding requirements it takes to get decent results. Lance, a natural bodybuilder, “started taking colostrum for the reason of putting on muscle.” Within the first three months he reported “I lost body fat, gained muscle mass and had greater energy levels.” He also says “an added benefit is that I no longer get sick after a show. From a bodybuilder’s point of view, it’s the only safe source of natural growth that I am aware of.”

An eighty-two-year-old woman with severe cellulitis needed hospitalization, but she vehemently refused all conventional medical intervention. Her physician, Dr. Nikki-Marie Welch, treated her with topical bovine colostrum as well as oral doses. “The cellulitis cleared beautifully within two weeks,” reports Dr. Welch.

A sixteen-year-old boy who was being treated unsuccessfully for colitis was given bovine colostrum by chiropractic nutritionist and kinesiologist Brent Wells DC. Before starting colostrum, the patient was unable to keep food down and was suffering with diarrhea and stomach cramps. After only two weeks of taking colostrum, “he found himself eating normally with no pain, and no more diarrhea,” reports Dr. Wells.

Dr. McCann started a 12-year-old boy, who was literally dying from a severe case of mucosa colitis, on double doses of colostrum prior to a planned surgery to remove his colon. According to Dr. McCann, “after 5 days, the bleeding from the rectum ceased, and within 7 days, he began to have normal bowel movements.” The surgery was no longer necessary since the boy “gained 32 pounds of weight.”

After 18 years of suffering from ulcerative colitis, Marie experienced her worst “episode” – bleeding excessively daily. Her doctor ran an ESR count, which measures colon inflammation, and it was 63. She wanted to avoid the typical oral steroids, with their many side effects, and tried colostrum instead. After four weeks, she returned to her doctor for another ESR count. She recounts that visit, “another blood test was taken and this time, the ESR count had reduced to 41, which was unbelievable as the only difference in my life was that I had been taking colostrum. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and, for what seems like the first time in my life, I am starting to feel ‘normal’ again.”

George had experienced severe pain in his left leg ever since he had back surgery in 1991. His doctors told him he had irreversible nerve damage, unwelcome news to anyone, but especially for a person who has insulin-dependent diabetes. The pain made it very difficult to walk. Two weeks after George started taking eight capsules of colostrum a day, he stopped taking his pain pills. “My doctor is amazed,” says George. “Since taking colostrum, I have been able to reduce my insulin from 32 units a day to 20 units.”

Dr. McCann shared his knowledge of the benefits of colostrum with a local minister who had uncontrollable diabetes, requiring him to take 3 insulin injections daily. One week after the minister began taking colostrum, Dr. McCann reported “he no longer is giving himself insulin injections. Now, he will not go without colostrum to regulate his insulin secretion.”

“I am an insulin-dependent diabetic. After having back surgery in 1991, I have suffered with extreme pain in my left leg. The doctors told me it was irreversible nerve damage to the nerves on the outside of my left leg. I had so many problems, and a lot of pain walking. After two weeks of taking colostrum(8 capsules a day), I am off all pain pills. My doctor is amazed. Also, since taking colostrum, I have been able to reduce my insulin from 32 units a day to 20 units.” George W., Wilmington, Delaware

Gastrointestinal Conditions
Dr. Massner, D.C., has practiced holistic therapy for 36 years, specializing in gastrointestinal conditions. He recommends colostrum to his patients as part of the treatment protocol, since it “can restore bacterial harmony.” He adds, “With its (colostrum’s) growth factors, it can also heal the damaged cells throughout the intestinal tract. Healing this intestinal barrier is important since infectious pathogens (bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and fungi) and allergens can enter the body when it is in a compromised state.”

Mary Jane of Illinois suffers from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in conjunction with chronic fatigue syndrome. After six weeks of colostrum use, she noticed a definite improvement in her symptoms: “My stomach no longer hurts, and my energy levels have improved.” She is encouraged by the steady improvement in her health, and enthusiastically adds “I already feel like a new person.”

Kristen is a darling second grader with a huge challenge! At age six she was diagnosed with Crohn’s. Her doctors had her on large doses of steroids, and her parents were frightened about the long-term effects of the drugs as well as about her alarming weight loss. After three months of consecutive colostrum use, her mother reports “she is steadily gaining weight, increasing the types of foods she can eat and has not had a cold for eight weeks (she was always catching colds before).” Her mother adds, “we have also been courageous enough to take her off the steroids.

Sylvia of California has lived with Crohn’s disease for over forty years, and has survived some very serious intestinal surgeries. She takes colostrum faithfully every day since “it (Crohn’s disease) is 100% non-active as long as I take four colostrum capsules with a big glass of water every morning before breakfast.” She has experienced such great results with colostrum that she now starts all her puppies (she is a professional dog breeder) on it to build strong immune systems, resisting disease and illness down the road.

H. pylori
"Just got my HPylori test results which were negative. I have been trying to get rid of h pylori since 2005 with antibiotics - nothing worked. I tried matula tea from Africa; I tried mastic gum; I cut out sweets and acidic foods - to no avail. I went on colostrum for two months and am now h pylori free. (I will continue to take colostrum because it is helping me with my general health and feeling of well being. I can't thank you enough for this product. woohoo!!" Shirley T.

Heartburn & Acid Reflux
Despite his faithful routine of taking prescription and over-the-counter acid reducers, Anthony had suffered from both heartburn and acid reflux for ten years. His wife finally convinced him to try powdered colostrum for his condition. “Being the skeptic that I am, I had a hard time admitting to her that it actually made the symptoms go away. Now, as long as I take colostrum with a meal, I can enjoy the foods that I have been denying myself for so long.”

Shari of Montana had a serious case of heartburn and acid reflux. After three weeks of taking colostrum faithfully, she said “the acid reflux and heartburn have stopped (along with sinus and ear problems). What can I say except thank God I read the literature and started taking colostrum!”

Dr. Hynes, a naturopathic doctor, says “I am giving colostrum to hepatitis C patients.” Within two months of starting a California patient on colostrum, his hepatitis viral load plummeted from 8 million to just 100. “Since the patient did not take treatment with anything else, this is convincing proof to me that bovine colostrum works synergistically in a combined nutritional protocol,” reports Dr. Hynes. He has gone on to successfully treat many more cases of hepatitis C with colostrum.

James of Arizona contracted Hepatitis C several years ago, and has fought fatigue and depression ever since. He found the conventional injection treatments of ribavirin and interferon to be highly toxic, making him very sick. After about one month of colostrum therapy, he says “I began to notice that I was feeling less tired, less fatigue and even began to feel excited about life.”

Immune: Cold & Flu, Pneumonia, Sinusitis
“After taking colostrum for only two days, the dry, hacking cough that I had had for three months disappeared,” explains Nanita of Arizona. She also says, “taking colostrum has changed my life and given me and my son an overall sense of well-being. I will never quit taking it!”

Bronchial pneumonia is not pleasant for anyone, but when you’re only fourteen months old, it is also scary, especially for the parents. Julia’s daughter had been given several courses of antibiotics; two of which didn’t work at all, and a third which caused an allergic reaction. That’s when they tried colostrum. “We started giving her two colostrum capsules, twice a day. In three days, we saw a significant improvement and cut back to one capsule, twice daily. In just one week, her doctor’s office visit revealed clear lungs and her asthma medication was no longer needed.” Julia has continued to give her daughter one capsule a day, and since then she has not had any recurring respiratory problems.

“I use colostrum successfully for upper respiratory infections of all types, especially for sinusitis,” says Arizona physician Dr. Adler. “For example, a forty-two-year-old carpenter consulting me for treatment of sinus congestion responded right away to my prescribing capsules containing colostrum,” says Dr. Adler.

“I received a positive blood test for Mononucleosis last spring,” states Jessica in California. She couldn’t afford to be sick while working full-time and attending college, so she started an immune-formula colostrum supplement immediately. She was happy to report, “The disease never progressed past the fatigue state and went away in record time. At the end of the second week, I had a second blood test and it came back negative.”

Debbie had a tendency her whole life to develop strep throat often. When she was pregnant with her first son, her obstetrician recommended that she take colostrum daily to protect against strep throat and other illness during the pregnancy. According to Debbie’s mother, “she has not had another strep case since she started taking colostrum. The only time Debbie has been sick with a cold was about a month ago, and we attributed that to the fact that she had stopped taking colostrum for a while due to financial reasons.”

Kristen has an inflammatory scalp condition which causes her hair to fall out on certain areas of her scalp. After reading about colostrum, she admits she was skeptical, but after taking it for about three weeks she states, “I am really amazed at how much the inflammation went down… There are hardly any red areas on my scalp anymore.”

Beth experienced inflammation and infection of her gums after a tooth extraction. She packed her gums with colostrum, saying “all inflammation and infection were gone in three days.”

Mary of Florida was diagnosed with osteopenia, the last stage of osteoporosis, after a Bone & Joint Specialist read her results of a bone density test. After suffering with the pain of this bone disease for many months, she finally agreed to try the broad-spectrum colostrum that her doctor recommended. According to her, “about 4-5 weeks later, I noticed a difference in the pain I was experiencing.” And now a year later, she received the best news: “My doctor gave me another bone density test…it came back normal, no trace of osteoporosis. My spongy, thin bones are back to normal thanks to Dr. Wolfe and most of all, thanks to colostrum.”

“Colostrum is amazing! I have been taking eight capsules daily, with hopes of clearing up the eczema on my hands. It has been a long time since I have had relief from the eczema, but now my hands are almost totally clear and look normal.” Aside from the eczema relief, Lou of Connecticut is also happy to report that he has much more energy “physically, as well as mentally.”

Madalyn of Arkansas had problem skin which broke out with rash and acne. After adding colostrum to her oil-free nighttime moisturizer, she is happy to report “I haven’t had beautiful skin like this in decades – perhaps not even in my entire life!”

Margaret of Michigan came down with shingles, which persisted for one month before she had the idea that colostrum could help. She was happy to report “the burning and itching that I had suffered for a month was completely gone within three days after starting on colostrum! There is no question in my mind that my remedy was colostrum.”

Weight Control
Forty-two-year-old Dianne of Georgia tried many different products from the health food store to help her lose weight and gain energy, but nothing was helping. She started colostrum and “by the second bottle, I was feeling like a teenager again.” After 7 or 8 bottles she dropped her weight “from 289 to 194 pounds… and went from a (size) 26 to a 12” and was able to exercise again because “with the colostrum, I have the energy to do exercise and the courage to do it. I am forming muscle instead of flab where I lost the weight.”

Heidi noticed that she “had more energy and less hunger” within the third week of starting to take colostrum. She reports “I don’t feel as ‘run down’ as I used to, and I am eating less at meals and snacking much less.”

Wound Healing
Howard of Maryland severely burned his wrist on an engine block. “I was told that it would take at least a month to heal and would probably leave a scar. With colostrum, it was completely healed, without scarring, in one week.”

Johanne spent too much time at the beach and returned with a painful sunburn, serious enough to send him to the hospital. As she puts it, “I was so frightened… then I thought of mixing some colostrum with water and applying it to my burns. Within about 15 minutes, I was pain-free. My burns quickly healed; without the colostrum, I would have certainly ended up in the hospital.”

David is 58 and retired. "The reasons I tried supplementing with colostrum are for sport training performance, anti-aging, and more recently for recovery from double open "natural repair" hernia surgery. Since retiring I've been training and "hoping" for the 2017 World Masters Games in Olympic style Archery. Shooting over 50 thousand arrows per year and fitness training for hours every day was taking alot out of me. Especially fighting against the effects of aging and the inevitable muscle strength that seems to disappear no matter what one does! After reading all of the Academic studies on the benefits of colostrum (esp those by the Australian Institute of Sport) I first tried it in 2013. It got me through the year and in fact, I was able to increase the poundage on my bow from 44# to 50#. I also won my 1st competition by beating our Provincial Champion who was also Nationally ranked. He is also 35 years younger than me! Last year I finally found the courage to have my double hernia surgery. Since starting colostrum I've not been ill in almost 3 yrs. In the past I was always getting ill and getting a cold or pneumonia after surgery would have been a disaster! In preparation,

People of All Ages
Age is no barrier when it comes to colostrum. It certainly was no barrier for a seventy-nine-year-old man with Hepatitis C, says Dr. Welch. At first she prescribed oral colostrum, which resulted in an improvement in symptoms. As an added benefit, the crusty lesions that had covered the forearms of the man also began to clear up. Dr. Welch added topical colostrum to the regimen, and the lesions disappeared. Although the type and cause of the lesions was never known, it seemed their disappearance was linked with colostrum use.

Eleven-year-old Timko is extremely pleased with colostrum. No one likes warts, especially if you’re a child. According to Timko, “nothing would touch my warts. If they were removed, more would come back in their place. After taking colostrum, I have no more warts.”

Many adults who have experienced the benefits of colostrum then go on and give it to their children. Dr. Brent Wells notes that he gave colostrum to his three-year-old daughter when she had a bacterial infection. “It cleared up in less than two days. I have never witnessed anything that worked so fast, and is so safe,” he says.

Ronna, who uses colostrum for fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome, was so pleased with the results that she began to give one capsule of colostrum to her daughter (mixed in the child’s applesauce) every day. “She was constantly having a stuffy or runny nose,” says Ronna. “Now she rarely does, except when I forget to give her the colostrum a few days in a row.”

Colostrum: What Is It Good For?
Although colostrum has been around for a very long time, it has not been readily available as a supplement to the general public until recently. A great amount of research has been conducted on many of the unique healing and anti-aging components found naturally in colostrum, and this research supports these doctor’s and consumer’s stories. Also, many further studies are on the horizon. Therefore, we will probably be adding to the list of diseases, conditions, or symptoms for which colostrum is effective as a preventative or treatment. Only time will tell.


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